New PhD position available: Developing and assessing a digital health app that implements the Situated Assessment Method to decrease distress and increase eustress

November 2021

Lawrence Barsalou and Esther Papies (University of Glasgow) and Aleksandar Matic (Koa Health) have been awarded a PhD position from the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science beginning in the fall of 2021.  This studentship is associated with SGSSS program that fosters collaborative projects between academia and industry. 

In this project, our team will build and evaluate a health app to help individuals learn about and regulate life stress (utilizing the Situated Assessment Method developed at Glasgow, together with other tools developed at Koa Health).  Of particular interest is building an effective digital tool that promotes learning about distress and eustress to decrease distress and increase eustress (shifting the affect associated with stress from negative to positive). 

The PhD student will become part of a large lab group at the University of Glasgow that focuses on health cognition and behaviour.  The two Glasgow supervisors (Barsalou and Papies) will provide training in health cognition, behaviour change, and research methods.  The industry partner (Matic) will serve as an equal third supervisor, providing training in app development, implementation, and assessment.  The PhD project will play a foundational role for developing future collaborative projects that aim to develop increasingly powerful apps for decreasing distress and increasing eustress.  Students without a masters degree are eligible and will be funded for an additional year of masters training.

Applications open:  1 March 2021.