MRC funding for the SOCITS methodological framework

MRC funding to develop the SOCITS methodological framework has been received by a University of Glasgow team led by PI Mark McCann (School of Health and Wellbeing), together with co-PIs Emily Long, Corinna Eisenbroch, Claire Goodfellow (School of Health and Wellbeing), Lawrence Barsalou (School of Psychology and Neuroscience), and Julie Cameron (Mental Health Foundation). Working with secondary schools in Scotland, our team will develop a SOCial sITuational Systems approach for measuring and modeling influences on adolescent mental health. Specifically, we will develop a novel multimethod framework that assesses adolescent mental health in a situated manner embedded within a complex systems perspective. Focusing on the specific mental health issues of stress and social isolation, we will integrate qualitative interviewing, psychometric measurement, network modeling, and agent-based modeling to develop a general framework that can potentially be applied to diverse mental health issues in adolescence.