Three new preprints on SAM2 analyses of eating and drinking motives

Three articles from Johanna Werner’s PhD dissertation are available on PsyArXiv. All use the SAM2 framework to establish motives for eating and drinking. Here are the citations with links to the preprints:

Werner, J., Papies, E.K., Best, M., Scheepers, C., & Barsalou, L.W. (2022). Habit, health, and socialising: New insights into diverse motives for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage consumption. PsyArXiv preprint.

Werner, J., Papies, E.K., Gelibter, E., & Barsalou, L.W. (2022). Why do you eat? Establishing individual consumption motives and their stability across eating situations. PsyArXiv preprint.

Werner, J., Kloidt, J., & Barsalou, L.W. (2022). Assessing individual motivation for consuming diverse food groups over a two-week period. PsyArXiv preprint.